about marcus

I’m Marcus and welcome to Inner Sanctum Training.

I’m a qualified instructor and I am fully insured. I can offer you a one on one friendly approach to staying or getting fit! I’m able to offer a high level of intense training designed for you, around your needs. My gym and personal training services are for all ages and are honestly for all levels of fitness.

I have learned Tai Chi from Christian Birch who was trained by John Kells and who it turn was trained by Chi Chiang-tao (Dr Chi).

I’ve been trained in Wing Chun by Sifu Brian Desir who has learned from Grand Master Ip Chun who’s late, great father, Ip Man was responsible for teaching Bruce Lee.

Inner Sanctum was an idea conceived from itself. I built a gym with my martial arts training in mind and people seemed interested in what I was doing. Friends wanted to do some training but were reluctant to join more formal classes or organised groups due to hectic lifestyles and busy schedules. Some just wanted to train for fitness or agility and were not interested in a martial art discipline.

There are no fixed opening times at my gym, we can train when it suits you. I have one client who regularly trains late on Sunday nights but others who prefer to call when they have an hour spare.

If you are looking for a personal trainer to visit you in the comfort of your own home or garden and live in the Huntingdonshire area then call me.

To have a look at the gym, to have a chat or to book a session call or text me on 07925 592571

or e-mail marcus@innersanctumtraining.co.uk


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