Godmanchester gym for boxercise

Boxing training with pads for punching & kicking is a great cardio work out.

You don’t have to punch or kick with any great force, it is more the action and foot movement that is important. Boxercise has become popular for this very reason.

With ‘one on one’ boxercise training the routines can we wide and varied so they don’t become repetitive. From the basics of a jab to the footwork for a roundhouse kick, there is plenty to mix up a good workout.

In a typical one hour session we’d start with a warm up & gentle stretch, then air punch & kick before getting the pads & gloves out. Afterwards we’ll do some gentle warm down & core strength exercises.

You’d be surprised how quickly boxing pad work can improve your physical fitness. We can get your heart rate high enough for long enough to change your body shape too.

To book a time to use the inner sanctum gym please call Marcus on 07925 592571. 


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