Godmanchester Martial Arts

I have seen a few Martial Art clubs advertised in and around Godmanchester but I can offer something truly different.

I have been to clubs with an instructor stood at the front of the class and thirty people trying to copy what he or she is doing, well at inner sanctum you get ‘one on one’ instruction so you’ll learn correctly and much faster.

I specialise in Wing Chun and a usual session will include a warm up with stretching before we practice some striking & defending with both arms and legs. I’ll then get the pads out so you can practice what you have learned. The pad work soon hones your balance and core strength, you’ll also find the power of the punches and kicks increasing.

Pad work, similar to boxercise is great for fitness and weight loss/muscle gain and after a session we’ll do some tai chi style relaxation moves to conclude the hour.

Typical cost for a ‘one on one’ hour session is £20 and after the first session you’ll have an idea of what you liked and what you want to focus more time on on your next visit.

I’ve a client who is really enjoying Wing Chun, learning the finer graces of this complex martial art and I’ve another client who likes punching & kicking pads for an hour!

Call me to chat or book a session on 07925 592571.

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