training sessions

What can I offer?.

It’s your session, your choice but here are some ideas.

▫ Punch & Kick Fit – An hour session with stretching, pad & bag work & cool down.

▫ Qi Gong (Chi Kung) – Self meditation exercise to relax & relieve stress. You’ll be surprised how emotive this can become after a sessions.

▫ Circuit Training – A session of varied cardio work and boxing exercise.

▫ Extreme Pads & Bags – A session of boxing & kicking with a martial arts twist.

▫ Core Solid – An hour session of internal strengthening and core training.

▫ Whole Fit – Two and a half hour session of combined training including internal strengthening, pad work, walking, running, core training and stretching.


The benefits of training with us

▫ Improve your overall fitness, your posture, reaction speed and awareness.

▫ Vent frustration, promote relaxation and improves core strength.

▫ Warm up & cool down techniques to avoid following day aches & pains.


The benefits of  our equipment

▫ The floor to ceiling speed ball helps peripheral vision and reaction speed.

▫ The platform speed ball develops hand eye co-ordination.

▫ We use boxing gloves, punch & kick pads for an interactive cardio work out.

▫ Our heavy bag (50kg) with a kick routine will develop leg movement, grounding & co-ordination.

▫ Wrist weights help with focus, stamina and toning.

▫ Pull up bar with three variable pull up styles each working different muscle groups.

▫ Sit up wall mounted bar to help tone & build your abs and back muscles.

▫ Light punch bag for cardio work and co-ordination routines.


We also have conditioning equipment for more serious Martial art practitioners like a wall bag and wooden dummy.




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