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What my clients say...

I’ve asked a few people who train with me and use the gym to write a few words.

  • Kath’s review

I started going to Inner Sanctum Training because I wanted to get fit as dog walking alone wasn’t enough. I have one to one training with Marcus which he has designed to suit my goal of all round fitness. I thoroughly enjoy my sessions and can feel my fitness improving. With Marcus’s encouragement I am pushing myself more in sessions which brings a great sense of achievement and I never thought I would say this but I can’t imagine not going now.

  • Phillip’s review

I do a fair bit of running and play badminton every week but training with Marcus is different, firstly by booking a session with him it forces me to go and not decide it’s too cold or I’m too tired which happens all too often with my running. I had no real interest in learning a Martial Art but have really enjoyed the fact that every week there is something new, it’s not same old, same old. Marcus Miyagi has helped improve my fitness and agility, even if he seems to enjoy my pain!

  • Paul’s review

The great thing for me is how flexible Marcus is with training times. Running my own business makes it very difficult to find time, late Sunday evenings are great for me but not most gyms and personal trainers. I’ve found some of Marcus’ Tai Chi great for body strengthening and find my self doing some of the exercises even when I’m on the train!

  • Nicky’s review

Seeing Marcus every sunday has become a highlight of my week. He is calm, engaging and professional, with a unique sense of humour! It is always an equally relaxing and physically challenging experience and I have never done any other exercise like it. It releases stress and promotes a sense of wellbeing at the same time as being invigorating and refreshing.

  • Callum’s review

You know when you leave you’ve had a good workout. One on one sessions are much better than any group session, watching and waiting for others all the time.

  • Jeremy’s review

Training with Marcus has changed my posture and strength. I’m getting fitter and it has improved the distance I can drive a golf ball.

  • Lucy’s review

I didn’t really think I was going to enjoy it but training can be good fun. I have noticed the benifits with balance, power and fitness. Cheers Marcus.


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